The Human Body is an Amazing Thing

The human body is an amazing thing.

With over 700 muscles connected to our bones, blood vessels that transport 5 liters of blood through our heart, kidneys that filter wastes out of our blood, and 5 types of bones that provide us with support.

The body runs like a well oiled machine. But what happens when the machine falters? When the machine can no longer run smoothly?

I have had to face this earth shattering problem everyday of my life.

My body has given out on me, like a pair of shoes that have been passed down for decades. My joints, are the soles. My organs, the torn leather. Yet, there is one part of the shoe that seems to survive with only little damage — the laces, are my soul.

The laces of a shoe get dirty, and the ends begin to frey. Yet they never seem to be ruined. My soul has been tattered, broken, and scarred. It is the laces attached to the worn out, scuffed shoe. The leather gives out, no longer providing support. Then all that’s left is the laces holding everything together.

My physical body is held together everyday by my soul. My soul gets dirty, my soul gets freyed, but it survives.

What is the strongest part of the human body? Some would say the femur, the muscles, the skull.

I believe the strongest part of the human body is the soul.

The soul can be put through so many difficulties. It can be drowned with hardships and drenched in pain, but it never seems to be affected for long. When properly nourished, the soul can heal faster than any body part.

The soul is the laces, that keep the shoe together. 

The human body is an amazing thing.




About health mystery me

I am 19 years old and have been struggling with health issues since I was nine. My story is a pretty complicated one but basically I have a whole slew of symptoms that haven't been completely ruled out. I have been diagnosed with Ehler's Danlos Syndrome and also Auto Immune Progesterone Dermatitis. I'm just looking for people who are going through similar things and maybe also I will come across some answers.

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